Pastor & Mother Holmes 

Victory In Jesus Holy Church was established in February of 1987 under the faithful leadership of our current pastor and founder, Elder William Samuel Holmes, IV.  We are celebrating 28 years of the church and pastor.

Pastor Holmes was born February 19, 1955, in Washington, D.C. to William and Carolissa Holmes.  He is the eldest of five children.  He attended public schools in the Washington, D.C. area.  Upon completion of high school, he enrolled in a trade school program where he learned among other things, painting, carpentry and bricklaying.  Even during this time the Lord had placed a call upon his life.  Fellow students at “Project Build” jokingly referred to him as “preacher man”.  Neither he nor any of his family knew this would actually come to pass.  He graduated from “Project Build” with honors.

One warm summer afternoon in July of 1973 at a bus stop at 8th and H streets, he met Margaret Neal.  He visited her at home…thinking this to be a pleasant but cordial visit.  To his surprise, he found himself in the midst of a prayer meeting in the home of Mother Jessie Neal! It was there that he received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost.  He was later baptized in Jesus name at this church, Bible Way Temple.

In the year 1977 he married Margaret Neal.  To that union were born 6 children. Pastor Holmes and our first lady have been happily married going on 37 wonderful years.

Victory In Jesus Church has been a great help to many who were lost in sin.  Through this ministry the sick have been healed, souls have been baptized in Jesus name, delivered and set free.  We have rendered a number of services at various churches.  The Judgment, You Think You’re Doing It on Your Own, New Life, and Don’t Miss Your Opportunity to Witness for the Lord are just a few of the skits performed.  Our youth ministry VIJ Productions II created a puppet show to put on for the youth as we go out to fellowship with other churches.  The puppet shows presented have brought so much joy, that people of all ages enjoy it.  The shows have been performed at churches, luncheons, birthday parties, senior citizen homes, the list goes on and on.  One of our biggest projects is our annual Back to School Slammin’ For Jesus Jamboree.  This event usually takes place in the summer right before children start to go back to school.  There are games played such as tug-of-war, musical chairs, 3-on-3 basketball and many others.  Prizes as well as school supplies are given away, and the Lord always makes a way so that everything is free to the children.  

Another one of our ongoing successes are our yard sales.  Our yard sale is a ministry in itself.  Sometimes people find it hard to come out to the church for whatever reason, but the Lord has given us a way to take the church outside to them.  So the yard sale is a three-fold blessing, the funds raised helps keep our church going.  But at the same time the community is being blessed not only with furnishing for their home but with food for their soul.  

So in closing the Victory In Jesus Holy Church is still on the move for Jesus.  We believe in having a good time in the Lord, whether it is going to gospel bowl, gospel skate, football, basketball, amusement parks or even just a good old fashion cook-out, we love to serve the Lord.  You see, we are not a church that is caught up in numbers or in the money, none of those things matter to us.  The only thing that matters is whether or not a soul makes it into heaven.  We will continue to stand for Jesus in the years to come, both in season and out of season. 
"We're On The Move For Jesus"
1515 Columbia Avenue,    Hyattsville, MD 20785
"We're On The Move For Jesus"
Victory in Jesus Holy Church